Until this week, most people thought Exelon's planned $6.9 billion acquisition of Pepco was a sure bet. But in a blow to both companies, regulators in the District of Columbia rejected the deal.

What happened?

The story is not just about a business deal gone awry. It’s a story about local empowerment, how utilities are dealing with the dramatic swing in America’s electricity market, and the tough decisions regulators are grappling with as they consider how to promote a cleaner grid.

We will talk to Anya Schoolman, an organizer in D.C. who opposed the deal, about how a group of citizens derailed one of the largest utility acquisitions in history. 

Later in the show, we'll examine how recent turmoil in the financial markets may impact energy markets. And we'll finish with a discussion of President Obama's latest announcement on PACE and loan guarantees.

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