How do we measure and quantify the physical and economic risks of a warming planet?

This question has very real consequences for the way companies are run, the way cities are planned, and the way markets are valued.

In this episode, Shayle Kann speaks with Trevor Houser, a partner with Rhodium Group, about the new methods for assessing the impact of a warming planet.

Rhodium Group and BlackRock recently published a report on the underpriced risks of climate change throughout the economy. We'll discuss the themes of the analysis.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What counts as climate risk, and how is it distinguished from all the risks we face independent of climate change?
  • The state of climate risk reporting: How has our ability to measure climate risk improved? How much certainty can we provide today? What gaps remain?
  • Examples of climate risk in municipal bonds, commercial real estate, energy and utilities
  • How big a challenge is it to get different players (investors, insurers, corporations) to account for climate risk? How should they be thinking about it?

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