In the shadow of public impeachment hearings, a group of House Democrats is attempting to advance a bold climate action plan that the entire party can rally around. 

On Thursday, House members introduced legislation that would set a nationwide goal of achieving a 100 percent clean-energy economy by 2050. The bill was announced with more than 150 cosponsors.

In this episode of Political Climate, we conduct an exclusive in-depth interview with one of the bill’s authors, Rep. Paul Tonko (D-NY). Tonko serves as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee's environment and climate change subcommittee, where he’s been holding hearings for several weeks to flesh out what a 100 percent clean economy would look like. 

"There is a lot going on beyond the impeachment inquiries that have begun, and the people need to know that," Tonko said.

We ask Rep. Tonko about the newly introduced 100% Clean Economy Act of 2019 and get his outlook on how to get the bill to the president's desk. Plus, we get his thoughts on extending clean energy tax credits and what he makes of the Republican stance on climate policy (interview begins at 13:50).

This week’s show opens with a firsthand account of what happened at the California Democratic State Convention, followed by takeaways from a lunch with Southern Republican lawmakers touring California for tips on how to grow their local clean-energy sectors. 

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