In order to promote the (now-delayed) launch of the Falcon 9 rocket designed to bring cargo to the International Space Station, Elon Musk took to Reddit last night to answer questions in an "ask me anything" session.

Musk mostly discussed the technical details of the rocket launch and his vision for space travel. But he also touched on the Tesla Model 3, his love for gaming, the singularity, as well as his sleep patterns and personal hygiene. 

The reactions to Musk's answers among Reddit users show just how excited people get by the software/space travel/electric car/solar entrepreneur. Here are some of the best comments out of the 10,776 that were logged. (Click on the screenshots to enlarge them.)

Musk illustrated his concern about the singularity with a video showing a cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba chasing a duck. Reddit users were in awe:

Musk's love for showering made some users giddy, and inspired a new line of cologne:

After users learned how many hours Musk sleeps per night, they speculated about how often he goes to the bathroom and whether he can talk to dolphins:

Then there was the user who was very excited about selling Musk a pair of hiking boots to "walk through the forest."

Musk also hinted that the Model 3 "won't look like other cars." Commenters shot down a user who suggested it would be "dorky like a BMW i3":

For good measure, here's the video referenced at the end of the comment thread of Musk laughing at the BMW i3 design: