It's the biggest technological changes in bricks since the Canaanites, according to Marc Porat.

CalStar Cement, the somewhat secretive green building products company (which was revealed in this article late last year) will soon start shipping a green brick that requires almost no energy to produce. It is the company's first product, says founder Marc Porat.

"Bricks have an enormous energy footprint. [Brickmakers] take clay and burn it," he said during an open house at Foundation Capital. Foundation invested in the company and on Monday showed off some of its portfolio companies as well as its new, exceedingly green office building.

Instead of burning clay, CalStar will take fly ash, the particulate matter that ordinarily leaves smokestacks to enter the atmosphere, add some extra chemicals and make bricks. Rather than requiring high temperature cooking, the chemicals sort of congeal into a solid, hard mass, similar to the way the power in packages of instant pudding turns into an elegant, delicious desert when milk is added.    

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