Today, GTM Research launches an online data service, the Grid Edge Data Hub, as a supplement to its market research services. Containing market and technical data across 10 grid edge market segments, this data visualization tool provides access to GTM Research’s verified data through a user-friendly interface.

The adoption of grid edge technologies has produced an ecosystem of vendors linking interrelated technologies. The Data Hub currently houses data from over 6,000 utilities and 700 vendors across 10 market segments:

  • AMI
  • Customer energy management
  • DER services
  • Distribution automation
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Grid edge customer analytics
  • Grid edge network analytics
  • Professional services
  • Utility back office
  • Utility network operations

The tool brings together vendor M&A, venture capital, and project tracking data alongside utility operational performance metrics, such as retail electricity sales and reliability performance to power your market intelligence strategy.

This combination gives users an ability to explore the relationships between market players and the solutions being implemented across various geographies and markets. GTM Research analysts designed the data hub for utilities, vendors, investors and government entities to provide a holistic view of the projects building the future of the distributed electric system.


Find more information on the Grid Edge Data Hub here. Interested in seeing a full demo? Email [email protected].