Today, GTM Research is excited to welcome seven new members to the Grid Edge Executive Council: C3 Energy, E.ON, Ecoult, Envect, NEDO, ReneSola and Tendril. These new additions join the nearly 50 other members at the forefront of grid modernization and distributed generation, just in time for the Grid Edge Live conference in June.

As the Council expands in both size and diversity, members are able to hear perspectives from a variety of markets and industries, providing them with a more complete view of the global energy landscape and changes that can be expected. In-person meetings provide a great opportunity to discuss key topics of relevance, as well as to learn more about the latest research. For example, GTM Research's newest report, Advanced Grid Power Electronics for High Penetration PV Integration 2014, provides an in-depth look into the challenges presented by high-penetration distributed PV, as well as offering competitive analysis of vendor solutions and market forecasting. The Council also met in late March to discuss microgrids, the subject of upcoming report North American Microgrids 2014: The Evolution of Localized Energy Optimization.

"Each of these seven companies has a unique viewpoint on the grid edge market, and we're excited to bring them all together," said Rick Thompson, president of Greentech Media. "In joining the council, the companies have underscored their commitment to understanding and shaping the future of the electric grid."

The Council meets in-person and online eight times per year, giving members access to all of GTM Research's grid modernization market reports and data services, and facilitating interaction with GTM's analyst team. To learn more and to see the full member list, please click here, or contact GTM Research's Tate Ishimuro at [email protected] or 1-646-719-1380.

The Grid Edge Executive Council will next meet in San Diego, just before Grid Edge Live, to discuss disruptors and grid edge market evolution. To learn more about the Grid Edge Live conference or to register to attend, please visit


About the Grid Edge Executive Council

The Grid Edge Executive Council represents an exclusive group of decision makers driving the future of the electric grid. Through the Council, members can access research on market trends, learn about technological developments, and engage with peers to tackle the electric grid’s most pressing questions.