LEDs became one of the big stories in 2010 and will likely start popping up in the consumer market. We also reviewed quite a number of the technologies and captured them on film.
1. Should you buy the Philips LED bulb? A Review. The EnduraLED is the bulb to beat, but we found positives and negatives about it.

2. LED Bulb Shoot Out. A direct comparison between the LED bulbs from Lemnis and Lighting Sciences. "Fabulous family fare," says Jeffrey Lyons of Movie Minute.

3. An 88 Percent Reduction in Light Power? Digital Lumens explains its networking technology for LED lights for warehouses.

4. The Square Light Bulb from Illumitex. The square beam, which is harder to make than you think, improves lighting efficiency too.

5. Which LED Bulb Is Best? Bridgelux Lays Out Its Case. One of the most studied startups shows off its goods. 

6. A Scorecard For the Coming Acquisitions in Lighting Controls. Interesting videos of Lumetric, lighting controls for high-bay lights, and Lumenergi, controls for fluorescents.

7. Will MP3 Technology Curb Light Power? Cavet Technologies says it can control lights with compression technology. One of the more unusual ideas out there.

8. The Network in the Ceiling. Redwood Systems came out of stealth, and immediately started landing big accounts with its network technology for LEDs and sensors. Redwood also centralizes electronics to reduce components. Definitely a company to watch.

And for those who prefer their LEDs in print:
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