In the mid-1970s, Exxon invested millions of dollars into sophisticated climate research and determined that greenhouse-gas emissions would warm the planet to dangerous levels if left unchecked.

But then something changed. In the mid-1980s and into the '90s, Exxon curtailed much of that research and started sowing doubt about the reality of the problem. By one tally, Exxon has spent $30 million supporting front groups and climate-change-denying politicians in order to prevent action on reducing carbon emissions.

Why such a dramatic reversal?

In this episode, we talk with Neela Banerjee, a reporter with Inside Climate News, about a lengthy investigative series she's co-writing on Exxon's conflicted climate past. (Make sure to read part one, part two and part three of the Inside Climate News series.)

Later in the show, we'll look at the good and bad aspects of California's latest climate and clean-energy bill. And we'll end with a discussion of trends seen at Solar Power International.

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