This week, we’re road tripping across Europe. 

In Poland’s coal country, diplomats are breathing in smog-filled air, preparing to strengthen a global climate deal. In France, angry protestors are rioting in the streets over a gas tax as part of the president’s climate policy. And in the U.K., Britons may leave the European Union without a deal in place, threatening the health of energy markets and the economics of renewable power plants.

So as we close out the year, what better time to take a tour of the top European stories? During our tour, maybe we’ll scope out a few subsidy-free offshore wind farms and battery manufacturing plants along the way.

We're joined this week by Jason Deign, GTM’s prolific contributing writer, who reports on a range of international energy topics for us. He’s with us from Barcelona, Spain.

Read Jason's reporting for GTM here. If you want to go deeper, read Jason's deep reporting for GTM Squared on materials supply constraints caused by the battery boom.

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