By 2020, one-third of new fleet bus purchases will be electric. By 2025, electric buses will make up half of new sales to transit agencies. By 2030, every single transit bus sold will run on electricity.

That's what Ryan Popple, the CEO of electric bus manufacturer Proterra, believes will happen. And there's plenty of evidence that the shift is underway, even if the current fleet is dominated by diesel and compressed natural gas.

In this week's podcast, we'll talk with Popple about his plan to kick combustion engines out of transit. We'll also talk about his career path that brought him from the Army to Tesla to venture capital, and eventually to Proterra.

Then, renewables are becoming the “new normal” in the U.S. We will take a glimpse at two important reports on solar jobs and the American energy economy that put the current clean energy boom in perspective.

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