There are a lot of questions swirling around the 2018 midterm election — including how energy and climate issues will play into this broader political moment.

Can pro-climate Republicans hold on to their seats in Congress? Will Democratic candidates with cleantech industry experience win over voters? Could the outcome of Nevada’s Senate race affect how the nation deals with nuclear waste?

Then there’s California and Texas, the nation’s leading clean energy states, where the results of this year’s election could determine which political party controls Congress in 2019.

In this election preview show, we discuss several key races where energy and climate issues are expected to be major factors. To up the ante, Political Climate co-hosts Shane Skelton and Brandon Hurlbut make a friendly election wager. 

As always, we end with our segment "If you can't say something nice," where our Republican and Democratic representatives have to say something they recently found redeeming about the opposing party.

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