This week: The coronavirus shockwave brings staggering losses of lives, jobs and money.

So many people applied for unemployment last week — five times more than ever before — that it was hard for graphic artists to draw a Y-axis that would fit them in historical comparisons. We’re now at 10 million unemployment claims. 

With so much turmoil and uncertainty, we are going to dig back into some of the big crisis-related themes of the week. 

First, we’ll have a recap of stimulus activity. The day after the unprecedented unemployment numbers, the federal government approved a boost to the economy twice as large as any before in the history of the United States. What’s in it? What’s coming next?

Then, essential workers in energy: How are grid operators making sure that all-important juice keeps flowing to your home or essential workplace?

And finally, how the oil price shock may — or may not — impact renewables investment from fossil fuel majors.

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