Do people care about energy? Even if they cared enough about energy to change their lifestyles, would it matter for climate change? We're tackling those questions in this two-part Interchange podcast.

In part one, we’re revisiting the assumption that most people don't care about energy. Consumers care about convenience, lifestyle and price. But do they care enough about their energy use to make a change for environmental reasons without external pressure? We'll debate both sides of the argument.

Then, in our second episode, we're looking at whether behavior change actually matters. Even if people cared enough about energy to drastically alter their behavior, would it do anything to lower carbon dioxide emissions meaningfully?

We all want to believe that our individual life choices will have a meaningful impact on carbon emissions. But a focus on giving up cars, buying solar panels and less meat may just be a distraction. We'll examine the true impact of individual action. 

Resources discussed on the podcasts:

  • The Evening Standard: How Flygskam (or Flight Shame) Is Spreading Across Europe
  • Vox: The Big Lie We’re Told About Climate Change Is That It's Our Own Fault
  • Wired: Does Climate Change Mean You Should Fly Less? Yeah, Maybe

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