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Greentech Media (GTM) announces that DJ Patil, Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock Partners, will present the keynote talk at GTM's utility analytics conference, The Soft Grid: Big Data, Analytics & the Cloud for the Future Smart Grid, which takes place August 14-15, 2012 at PG &E Headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The speech, titled "Leveraging Data Science and Analytics for Business Transformation," will focus on the success of data science and analytics in other industries and how electric utilities of any size and form across the country can take advantage of these practices to gain insights into their customers, infrastructure and service offerings.
Dr. Patil has held a variety of roles in academia, industry, and government. These include the Chief Scientist, Chief Security Officer and Head of Analytics and Data Teams at the LinkedIn Corporation. Additionally, he has held a number of roles at Skype, PayPal, and eBay. He is known for co-coining the term 'data scientist.' In 2011, Patil was ranked on Forbes Data Scientist list as #2 behind Google's Larry Page. In 2012, he, along with other notable 'Gen Fluxers,' were featured on the cover of Fast Company.
"The utility industry and its customers will greatly benefit from the experience and perspective of Dr. Patil," said Rick Thompson, President and Co-Founder of GTM, "and we are honored to have him headline our inaugural utility analytics conference."
"Dr. Patil led LinkedIn to become a data-driven company, which ultimately led to much of its success," said David J. Leeds, Chief Smart Grid Analyst at GTM Research and author of the upcoming research report sharing the same name as the conference. "Conference attendees will walk away from this event understanding the value proposition for data and analytics in the utility industry, especially on the heels of the ongoing, industry-wide global smart grid roll-out."
About The Soft Grid
The Soft Grid will take place at PG &E on August 14-15, 2012. Registration is available for $795 through July 6, 2012 and for $995 from July 7, 2012 until the conference date. Find out more at the conference website: