Tony Seba gets a lot of things right. The world-renowned thought leader, entrepreneur, educator and author accurately predicted the rapid decline in solar photovoltaic costs and lithium-ion batteries. He also predicted the collapse of the coal industry and oil prices.

Now, he’s out with a new book, Rethinking Humanity, that predicts the 2020s will be “the most disruptive decade in history” — not just in terms of energy technology, but across every major industry in the world today. This disruption will have major implications for policymaking and geopolitics, and civilization as a whole. 

In this episode, we speak to Tony Seba about the emergence of a new world order he calls "the age of freedom" that's based on decentralization and resource creation rather than extraction. We also discuss the collapse of incumbents and the impact this will have on societies around the world, and what policy leaders can do to get out ahead of these changes.

Seba breaks down why technological innovation in the next 10 years will either see the American dream realized for virtually everyone on the planet in a cheap and sustainable manner, or trigger societal collapse akin to the fall of empires in the past.

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