There are about 25 VC-funded firms in the Concentrated Photovoltaic market. We listed all of them in CPV Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Only a few of them, maybe 10 percent, will survive to win market share and perhaps be acquired or go public. That means at least 20 of those companies are doomed. Most will create pretty Websites, make outrageous claims, oxidize their investor's money and waste journalists' time.

Which brings us to my interview with Sunrgi.

Sunrgi is building a CPV system with a claimed 2000X concentration. The system has "built-in" 2-axis tracking and is produced in 1kW blocks that integrate like Lego-blocksTM." Greentech Media's Rachel Barron reported on the firm earlier this year. We'll talk more about technology in a bit.

First, let's talk about their team:

Dr. KRS Murthy is one of the founding partners of Sunrgi and is something like their CTO. Here's his resume. He's evidently a child prodigy, a poet, accomplished actor, graduated high school at the age of 12, and is also a musician and composer. Here's a page where he does unspeakable things to Beethoven and many other musical genres. He is able to take any piece of music and transform it into the same unlistenable song. Perfect qualifications for the CTO of a CPV company.    

To get the rest of the story, visit Greentech Media's Green Light Blog.

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