“Climatetech” is suddenly the hot new trend in venture capital. 

For years now, venture investors have stayed away from the cleantech category, a hangover from the Solyndra days that we have thoroughly documented on The Interchange.

But we appear to be in a new phase of interest. Prominent investors are publicly declaring their push into the space. Influential voices in tech are calling on more investors to do the same  including Kara Swisher, who wrote a persuasive piece in The New York Times last week. And now startups of all kinds are getting a second look. 

So what’s going on? And have investors internalized the lessons from the previous investment wave?

With us to weigh in on those questions is returning guest Abe Yokell. Abe is a managing partner at Congruent Ventures. 

Co-host Shayle Kann, a managing director at Energy Impact Partners, sets up the trend. Then Shayle and Abe dissect lessons from cleantech venture capital 1.0.

This conversation was inspired by Shayle’s recent tweet. Read the responses and add your thoughts.

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