Opower has evolved a lot over the years. The software provider started with a simple efficiency solution for utilities, and has since deepened its analytics and moved into demand response, billing, segmentation and customer care.

One thing has stayed the same over the years: Opower firmly believes that the utility will be the arbiter of the distributed grid.

In this week’s show, we’ll talk with Opower CEO Dan Yates about the promise and perils of selling software to utilities. He’ll also discuss why he believes strengthening utility interactions with customers will be crucial for enabling the modern grid.

Later in the show, we’ll discuss Hawaii’s decision to slash net metering. And we’ll wrap up with a preview of the Paris climate talks -- will an agreement be reached?

This podcast is sponsored by Huawei Technologies, a leading global ICT solutions provider. Huawei is proud to offer its FusionSolar PV solution -- a unique approach to integrating, optimizing and digitizing solar-power plants.

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