Back in 2008, there was a lot of excitement about geothermal. Many major banks were backing large-scale geothermal projects around the world; a wide range of startups were promising to unlock new resources; and wind and solar hadn’t shown their explosive growth yet. 

Then the financial crisis hit. In the decade since, growth in geothermal has been lumpy — relegated to a handful of supportive markets around the world. 

Why has geothermal grown so slowly compared to other renewables? What’s holding it back?

This week, we’re joined by Alexander Richter, the founder of the geothermal news site ThinkGeoEnergy. Alex has been following the sector for a long time — working in project finance, research and journalism. We’ll talk with him about the last decade of geothermal development.

Then, in the second half of the show, we'll discuss the Green New Deal. 

There’s a movement within the Democratic Party to push climate hard. What’s behind it? How would the Green New Deal work? (As a complement to this conversation, check out the latest episode of Political Climate for a lot of the backstory.)

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