The government's energy innovation arm, ARPA-E, was modeled after the successful defense research agency DARPA, which helped create the foundation of the internet. So can ARPA-E do something equally groundbreaking for clean energy?

This week, we'll talk with the agency's acting director, Dr. Cheryl Martin, about how she approaches the development of groundbreaking energy technologies. "I think ultimately, that's a fair comparison," she tells the Gang, when asked about DARPA's success. "Looking back 50 years from now, I'm hopeful that those who judge it will see the same level of impact [as the internet.]"

We'll also debate the solar industry's aggressive tactics used to hit back against utilities that are attempting to limit PV on the grid.

Be sure to check out ARPA-E's energy innovation summit, coming up on February 24th in Washington, D.C.

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