Bloomberg: BP Buys Jet Fuel Made From Garbage to Curb Airline Pollution

BP Plc will invest $30 million in Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc., which makes biofuel from garbage, in a new partnership designed to curb airplane pollution.

The London-based oil-producer also signed a 10-year deal to buy 500 million gallons (1.9 billion liters) of biofuel from Fulcrum’s North American plants, according to a statement by BP on Tuesday. BP will distribute the aviation fuel to planes through its unit Air BP Ltd., which sells about 7 billion gallons of aviation annually.

Motley Fool: 3 Solar Giants May See Very Different Futures

First Solar's earnings results last week gave investors a peek at what the solar industry will look like for the next few years. And while we don't yet have the company's 2017 guidance, we know that bookings so far this year have been just 1.6 GW, worth $1.1 billion, and that 2017 projects under contract are 494 MW, well below its 3.2 GW of capacity.

What's clear is that there's a lot of pressure ahead in utility-scale solar, where First Solar generates most of its business. But it doesn't tell us a lot about what solar giants like SunPower and Canadian Solar may be doing to adapt to these new realities.

Reuters: Trump Win Boosts Coal, Hits Renewable Stocks

The prospect of an abrupt shift in U.S. climate policy under President-elect Donald Trump lifted the shares of U.S. mining equipment giant Caterpillar Inc (CAT.N), North American railroads and other companies tied to fossil fuels, and slammed shares of renewable energy firms.

Trump has called climate change a hoax, said he would rip up the Paris climate treaty and promised to revive the U.S. coal sector. His victory caused dismay at a climate policy conference in Morocco on Wednesday.

In the United States, the prospect of a sharp turn in U.S. environmental policy helped boost Caterpillar shares by more than 7 percent on Wednesday on hopes that a Trump administration would reinvigorate coal mining and investment in infrastructure. A mining slump has depressed Caterpillar's profits and forced rounds of layoffs.

Time: Donald Trump’s Victory Could Mean Disaster for the Planet

How were climate scientists, policymakers and diplomats planning to deal with a Donald Trump presidency? The truth is, they weren’t. People who have dedicated their lives to working to save the planet always preferred to focus optimistically on how they could push a President Hillary Clinton further to the left on climate policy.

But Trump’s move to the White House in just a couple of months will almost certainly bring an end to an era of promising action to address climate change in the U.S. and could unravel ambitious international efforts to do the same. Environmentalists who just days ago hoped to build on the climate successes of President Barack Obama will now be forced to fight tooth and nail to protect existing checks on greenhouse emissions.

Electrek: Norway Keeps Electric-Vehicle Tax Exemption Until 2020, Positions Itself to Stay EV Leader

Norway’s generous electric-vehicle incentives helped the country become the top EV market per capita in the world. The government was set to phase out some of the incentives, like the exemption of the 25% VAT, but Norwegian news now reports that they passed an initiative to keep the VAT exemption for electric vehicles until 2020.

Norway is among the countries aiming for all new car sales to be all-electric by 2025 in order to comply with their emission reduction goals, and it’s actually one of the few countries that could achieve it.

As of September 2016, 28.8% of new car sales were plug-in electric vehicles and all-electric cars have a 19% market share -- significantly more than any other country.