The clean energy industry may not have a lot of money to spend collectively on advertisements. But over the years, we've seen numerous TV ads, infographics, slogans, and all kinds of marketing campaigns from individual companies.

So this week, we are going to rank some of our favorite — and least favorite — marketing efforts. We'll also debate the perennial question: Do we need a "Got Milk" campaign for clean energy?

We're joined by Tor Valenza, a marketing expert better known as Solar Fred. Tor founded the marketing firm UnThink Solar and is currently the director of marketing at SepiSolar. 

First, what is unique about clean energy that makes branding so important — yet so hard? Then, what are the best marketing campaigns in history outside of energy? Why are they so good? Finally, we’ll pick our favorite and least favorite ads or marketing campaigns in cleantech.

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Below are links to our picks for best and worst campaigns.

Best non-cleantech campaigns:

Our favorite cleantech ads or pop-culture placements:

Our least favorite cleantech ads or campaigns:

This is only a sampling of ads and campaigns. Add your picks in the comments section.

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