It was a hell of a way to start the 2020s in Australia: scorching summer heat and wildfires so bad they created their own weather systems; thousands of people stranded on beaches along the southeast coast on New Year’s Eve; a prime minister slow to respond to the crisis but quick to dismiss climate change.

This week on The Energy Gang, a look at the bushfires in Australia — their impact to the country, to the grid and to climate politics.

Then, a big change could be coming to a foundational federal policy in the U.S. Are the proposed changes to PURPA a thoughtful response to market conditions and cheap renewables, or just a political play?

Finally, we learn to code. Joe Biden is the latest Democrat to push the idea that laid-off miners should learn to code. Why did it spark so much derision?

Recommended reading:

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  • GTM: FERC Proposal Brings New Threat to Already-Suffering PURPA Solar Markets
  • Gizmodo: Biden Tells Miners to Learn to Code

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