With flight shame growing in popularity, extreme weather intensifying and the Amazon burning, there’s more demand than ever for carbon offsets to assuage our guilt and make us feel like we’re doing something.

But those credits may not be doing what you think they are — or anything at all.

This week, we’re discussing the complicated and frustrating world of carbon offsets. There’s a reason why even the United Nations is now calling out their limitations

This conversation is particularly important as California considers joining the Tropical Forest Standard as part of its cap-and-trade program.

Then, we’ll talk about new climate plans from Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang. What’s in them? And who will become the climate candidate?

Finally, we dig into a bill from Ohio that bails out big utilities and guts clean energy. The politics of this thing are ugly — and they are only getting uglier.

Read along with us:

  • ProPublica: An Even More Inconvenient Truth
  • Bloomberg: Greta Thunberg and ‘Flight Shame’ Are Fueling a Carbon Offset Boom
  • New York Times: Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal
  • Vox: Ohio Just Passed the Worst Energy Bill of the 21st Century

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