In advance of our NY REV Future conference on September 26 and 27, the GTM Research team illustrates major themes from New York’s ongoing utility reform through four projects taking place across the state.

Smart-meter deployment is modernizing the grid

In 2016, Con Edison contracted for 3.6 million smart meters. These meters and the communications network serving them will provide the communication infrastructure and field data necessary to support advanced analytics.

If you are interested in advanced metering infrastructure, you can read more here and get deeper analysis on current and future deployments across the globe here.

The Western Nassau non-wires alternative project is reducing capital investment

The project is planned to defer 375 megawatts of future transmission and distribution (T&D) capacity needs in Far Rockaways & Glenwood. The project represents just over a third of the 1.1 gigawatts of the installed and planned non-wires alternatives (NWAs) in the state.

NWAs are nontraditional measures aimed at deferring, mitigating or eliminating the need for traditional utility T&D investments. Recent projects in the U.S. demonstrate that NWAs offer utilities a way to benefit from the decentralization of energy resources. See our recent research report to learn more.

The distributed system platform and integration of DERs

National Grid is working with vendor partners to test utility-controlled solar, as well as DSP software, with third-party DERs. These demonstrations are evaluating the technical and economic potential of smart inverters and DER management systems (DERMS) to create and manage markets at the distribution-level.

How can DERMS platforms integrate DERs into the greater electric grid? Download the free white paper here.

A solar marketplace is providing more flexible options for consumers

Residential customers in select NYSEG territories can make secure transactions in a solar marketplace that connects energy consumers with service providers in parts of upstate New York.

DER marketplaces are becoming of greater interest to utilities. Look out for a future paper on utility DER marketplaces later this month.

See the full infographic here.


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