With a $2 trillion covid relief package under his belt, Biden looks to harness another $3 trillion on building clean energy, hardening the electric grid, installing electric car chargers, and updating roads and bridges. We’ll game out what’s needed and what’s possible.

Then: is this the moment for the black climate agenda? And if so, what are the priorities?

Finally, how will pressure campaigns over new fossil fuel infrastructure play out in the next four years? And what lessons have we learned from previous fights over the last decade?

The gang this week: Katherine Hamilton and Stephen Lacey are joined by climate strategist Tamara Toles O’Laughlin.


  • New York Times: Biden’s Biden’s Recovery Plan Bets Big on Clean Energy
  • E&E News: How the Infrastructure Bill Might Tackle Climate Change
  • Redfin Study: Redlined Communities Face Greater Flood Risk
  • CNN: A New Pipeline Battle Fires Up in Minnesota

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