There are tradeoffs to everything in energy. So why not put those tradeoffs to a test?

We recently crowdsourced some "would you rather" scenarios from our listeners. On this week's Interchange podcast, we'll choose our favorites and debate the scenarios.

Here are the scenarios:

  • Would you rather have $10 billion in renewable deployment funding, startup funding or R&D? (Bryan Birsic, CEO of Wunder Capital)
  • Would you rather see oil suddenly go to $20/bbl or $200/bbl? (Eric Hittinger, professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Would you rather have perfect load forecasting capabilities or perfect wind + solar forecasting algorithms? (Elizabeth Buechler, Ph.D. student at Stanford)
  • Would you rather have a national HVDC overlay grid or ready-to-go next-generation nuclear plants with excellent ramping capability? (Michael Noble, CEO of Fresh Energy)
  • Would you rather have an electric Ford F-150 or a $15,000 EV? (Matt Stephens-Rich, electric vehicle specialist at Electrification Coalition)
  • Would you rather have a shared autonomous fleet or more mass transit coverage in cities? (Brinda Thomas, engineering and public policy at Stitch Fix)

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