Cathy Zoi is no longer the Chief Strategy Officer at Tom Siebel's C3 Energy. Insiders have informed Greentech that she has left the firm. C3 management has not responded to inquiries, but C3's front desk confirms the departure. 

As Jeff St. John reported, "C3 Energy, the Silicon Valley startup founded by software billionaire Tom Siebel, has quietly been building on an audacious promise: a big data integration and analytics engine, hosted in the cloud, that can aggregate and put to use all of the world’s information, practically speaking, as it pertains to the complexities of big energy systems."

Zoi joined the utility data analytics firm after a short stint at investment firm Silver Lake Kraftwerk. Zoi has not responded to our inquiries as to why she has left the firm.


The CEO of German industrial giant Siemens, Peter Löscher, has been forced to step down amidst some corporate intrigue. Siemens has exited the solar business but remains an enormous force in power grid technology. 


Luxim, a maker of light-emitting plasma lighting technology owned by PE firm Luma Investments, added K.R “Kaj” den Daas to its board. Mr. den Daas worked at Philips Electronics from 1977 to 2010, including three years as chairman of Philips Lighting North America.


Optimum Energy, developing software for optimizing HVAC and energy in the enterprise, hired Erik Leonard, former GE Energy sales executive, as VP of business development.


The Electric Power Research Institute named four new members to its Board of Directors. The additions are David Victor, a professor at the University of California, San Diego; Sheryl Carter, a co-director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Rebecca Blalock, an expert in utility information technology systems, and Charles Pardee, EVP for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).


Solar installer Verengo named Brian Alexson as VP of Sales and Development. Most recently, Alexson was VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service for E.L. Harvey, a recycling company.


Unirac, the solar PV racking and mounting firm owned by Hilti Group, appointed Mark Zwolak as CFO.


GlassPoint Solar, a solar enhanced oil recovery technology startup, added Daniel Palmer as Director of Business Development for the Middle East region. Palmer was with Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services provider, for twenty years. Royal Dutch Shell, RockPort Capital, Nth Power and Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital are investors in GlassPoint's glass-enclosed trough CSP technology.


Sunrun, a home solar company, added Thomas J. Holland as COO and Anne Brennan as CFO. Holland is the former head of Bain & Company’s San Francisco and Palo Alto offices. Brennan previously served as CFO of publicly traded Openwave Systems/Unwired Planet.