by Julian Spector
April 06, 2018

After a week of personal leave to quantify the solar potential on the beaches of Maui, I’m back. Before we dive into the news of the week, I wanted to flag an opportunity for you — yes you, Squared Reader!

We’re launching our very first live discussion for Squared members, in which myself and fellow reporters Julia Pyper and Stephen Lacey will debate and dissect the cutting-edge news of the day. Listeners can join the conversation by submitting questions in advance when you register or during the live broadcast.

I’m taking point on the program, which means it’ll strike the fancy of any regular Storage Plus reader. We’ll scrutinize what future is left for gas peaker plants, whether all the recent talk around resilience has any tangible effect on the market, and whether residential storage will finally shine this year.

It’s free to you as a Squared subscriber, but tell your non-Square friends so they’ll feel jealous and want to join. Click here to register, and I'll see you there.

And now for the latest updates. We’ve had another gas plant crossed off the to-do list in California and a potentially groundbreaking new paradigm for the solar-plus-storage marketplace. Then I’ll highlight new findings from a fresh GTM Research report on the operational potential for storage in a peaking role, which hasn’t been quantified before.

If it seems like I'm putting a lot of focus on the storage versus gas peakers storyline, that’s just because the most exciting storage developments lately have pushed in that direction. But if you’d rather look for cool new trends in ancillary services, let me know if you find any.