Energy Storage for Peaker Plant Replacement: Economics and Opportunity in the U.S.

by Ravi Manghani

Will energy storage replace peaker plants?

Perhaps the greatest near-term promise for energy storage is in its ability to act as a peaking resource on the grid. Approximately 20 gigawatts of new peaker capacity is expected to come online in the next 10 years, according to Wood Mackenzie's H2 2017 base-case view. 4-hour energy storage system units could start to become competitive with new peaker plant capacity in five years.

Peaking Gas Combustion Turbine vs. 4-Hour Li-Ion Battery Storage ($/MWh)

This report summarizes the analysis of capacity factors and average operating hours per start in the top 10 states where extra capacity is needed. The analysis qualifies the opportunity for energy storage to compete head-to-head against gas peakers. It looks at the future of the gas combustion turbine (CT) market and confronts a common concern about energy storage – namely, whether batteries will be sufficient to meet the grid’s needs on their own.

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Ravi Manghani Director, Energy Storage

Ravi is the Director of Energy Storage at GTM Research, where he focuses on global energy storage markets and value chain analysis. As an industry expert, Ravi has been quoted in various publications including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, Christian Science Monitor, Wired, and Verge.

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