by Julian Spector
August 08, 2019

Earnings season crashed through the August calm these last few weeks, and as we round out the last of it, cleantech stocks seem to be doing rather well.

That was not an appreciable trend even a few years ago, when our coverage of publicly traded companies bristled with threats of de-listing, at worst, or simple lukewarm performance at best.

Another positive trend has emerged: large, publicly traded companies in the electric power sector are talking more about energy storage as a business division and a growth opportunity. Some are positively bragging about it.

I dove into a few choice examples of this to highlight how storage has become more central to the executive storytelling at AES, SolarEdge, Sunrun and Vistra. The earnings reports offer a rare glimpse into the hard numbers underpinning these businesses' storage sales, and a chance to benchmark their growth.