by Julian Spector
May 10, 2018

I’m not going to write about how storage was all over the place at GTM's Solar Summit, because I already did that column last year.

This time around, we’re seeing more actual execution on solar paired with storage. Where last year’s Solar Summit saw vague commitments to storage technology (Lynn Jurich said it “will be transformative for our globe and our children”), this year brought out concrete commitments.

Lightsource CCO Katherine Ryzhaya confirmed that “we’re not putting forward any proposals without storage, currently, to anybody west of the Colorado [River]."

Residential solar company Sunnova also confirmed that in Puerto Rico, it’s only selling rooftop solar with storage. Sunnova had thousands of solar customers on the island who lost power in the hurricane-induced outage nonetheless. The company doesn't want to let that happen again.