by Julia Pyper
September 14, 2018

Renewables, energy storage and electric vehicles often hog the spotlight in the clean energy space, while energy efficiency toils away on the sidelines.

This week was no exception. The conversation quickly turned to renewables and batteries with the signing of California’s 100 percent clean electricity mandate on Monday. Renewable energy and electric vehicle commitments dominated news coverage around the Global Climate Action Summit.

“As soon as this issue of clean energy and climate change [comes up], the next words are ‘solar’ and ‘wind’ — which I totally support; I think they’re wonderful,” said Stephen Cowell, president of E4theFuture, on the sidelines of GCAS. “But if we’re wasting lots of energy, we’re going to have to do way more clean energy in order to meet our needs.”

“The net result is we’ve got to do them together,” he said.