by Nicolas Rinaldi
December 09, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edge, storage and other energy news.

Solar News

The 27th State
SolarCity announced it is entering the Florida market for the first time after the state's voters rejected Amendment 1 earlier this month. Amendment 1 would have allowed Florida utilities to charge fees on customer-sited solar. (story)

25 Percent Reduction in Workforce
The reduction that SunPower announced this week in tandem with a 50 percent cut in capital spending. (story)

76 Megawatts
The installed solar PV capacity in Washington state. This week, Squared looks at how the state's incentives are dampening its solar market. (story)

80 Percent of Global PV Inverter Market
The percentage of the market that was controlled by the leading 10 inverter suppliers in the first half of 2016. GTM Research examines the global inverter landscape this week. (story)

$15 to $20 per Month
The amount the average Peruvian without electricity spends on fuel. That may be more than 10 percent of their income. Off-grid solar provider PowerMundo is scaling energy access in Peru with a recent $300,000 USAID grant. (story)

Grid Edge News

150 Pages
The length of New York REV's distributed system implementation plan (DSIP), published last week. Katherine Tweed sorts through the DSIP this week and extracts the relevant details for Squared members. (story)

RPS 2.0
The name given to Arizona's efforts to upgrade the state's renewable portfolio standard. The upgrade would supplement the state's RPS with an additional clean energy target for periods of peak demand. (story)

Energy Storage News

12+ Hours
The amount of video-on-demand from this week's U.S. Energy Storage Summit that is available to GTM Squared members. Watch now. (story)

5 Gigafactories
The number of giant battery and EV manufacturing facilities that Tesla's European rivals, including BMZ, LG Chem, and Samsung SDI, are planning to build on the continent. (story)

550-Kilowatt-Hour System
The size of the new C&I energy storage solution recently launched by Samsung SDI and Dynapower. (story)

$660 Million
The investment in energy storage by U.S. corporations in Q3 2016, according to GTM Research. That brings the year-to-date corporate investment in storage to $812 million. (story)

24 Percent Market Share
NEXTracker's share of the global PV tracker market. This week, NEXTracker launched a storage-paired solar tracker. (story)

Eric Wesoff dives deeper into the competitive tracker market and looks at what is in store for the leading players in 2017. (story)

Other Energy News

$235 Million
The amount in ratepayer subsidies that will go to Exelon as part of Illinois' The Future Energy Jobs Bill. The subsidies will keep Exelon's Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear plants in operation. (story)

115 Meters
The estimated median hub height for U.S. onshore turbines by 2030, 33 meters above the current average. This week, we look at how wind is getting bigger and more powerful. (story)

100 Percent Renewables
Google announced this week that the company will purchase renewables for every unit of energy it consumes in 2017. (story)

33 U.S. States
The number of states that have increased GDP while at the same time lowering carbon pollution. (story)