by Nicolas Rinaldi
November 04, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edge, and other energy news.

Solar News

5 Million New Roofs
The annual market for new roofs in the U.S. Last week, Tesla and SolarCity announced plans to target the market with a new building-integrated PV roof product. Julian Spector unpacks the company's big announcement. (story)

While Julian is unpacking, Stephen Lacey and Shayle Kann give us their two cents on the announcement in this week's episode of The Interchange podcast. (story)

$1 Billion
The amount of estimated revenue SolarCity will bring to Tesla in 2017. Tesla published a report this week and held an analyst call that tried to explain how the two companies would work together. (story)

Julia Pyper looks at how SolarCity is now working hard to rebrand itself as more than a solar provider and focus on becoming a company that offers a broader range of products and services that can fulfill many functions on the electric grid. (story)

13,854-Megawatt Net Load
The "belly" of California's duck curve from March 2016. This week, Jeff St. John presents findings from a new report that shows California's duck curve is very real and bigger than expected. (story)

28% Decline in ASP
First Solar's decline in U.S. ASP in Q3 2016. The company announced pricing and other updates this week on its earnings call. (story)

$88.7 Million
The Q3 2016 revenue for microinverter and energy storage firm Enphase. Eric Wesoff gives us the good, the bad, and the ugly from the company's earnings call this week. (story)

9 Megawatts
The capacity of eLLO, a concentrating solar power project employing linear Fresnel technology in France. ELLO will be the world’s first Fresnel power plant with the ability to store energy for hours. (story)

Grid Edge News

1 Billion
The investment Mercedes-Benz is making to scale its battery production capacity. This week, Mercedes launched an energy storage company in the U.S. that will compete directly with Tesla and Sonnen. (story)

20 Years
The time period from the date of installation that the New York Department of Public Service recommends full retail-rate net energy metering for existing solar installations in New York as part of REV's recent net metering guidance. (story)

1.7 Gigawatts
The decline in behind-the-meter participation in PJM and MISO for delivery year 2016/2017, according to GTM Research. New air quality rules are significantly impacting the role that diesel generators can play in demand response markets. (story)

1.2 Gigawatts
The capacity of the planned generation center, Big Kennedy, in Australia. The generation center will combine combine a 19.2-megawatt PV plant with a 21.6-megawatt wind farm and 2 megawatts/4 megawatt-hours of battery storage. (story)

Other Energy News

Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump in U.S. popular vote polls as of publication. This week, Stephen Lacey, Shayle Kann, and Julia Pyper examine the big decisions in energy that will face the next president. (story)

Stephen Lacey then talks to experts from the U.S. Department of Energy to imagine what a Trump presidency could mean for the DOE. (story)

48 Companies
The number of member companies currently working with Massachusetts-based cleantech incubator, Greentown Labs. The Energy Gang this week sits down with Greentown Labs' CEO to learn what it takes to support the next generation of energy technology. (story)

24% Reduction in LCOE
The anticipated reduction in wind power's levelized cost of energy globally by 2030, according to 163 industry experts. (story)