by Nicholas Rinaldi
May 01, 2020

On April 30, 2020, Wood Mackenzie hosted a webinar examining the impact of the coronavirus on renewable energy finance.

Wood Mackenzie's team of analysts open with a discussion of the current macroeconomic situation. They discuss whether or not capital has dried up and provide an overview of current project economics. The format includes a panel conversation followed by an in-depth Q&A. 

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Key discussions include:

  • Are we headed for a global recession?
  • Will banks continue to fund U.S. commercial and residential solar projects?
  • Are debt and equity markets closed for large-scale renewables projects?


  • Peter Martin, Principal Economist
  • Michelle Davis, Senior Analyst, U.S. Distributed Solar
  • Prashant Khorana, Principal, Energy Transition Practice

This webinar is part of Wood Mackenzie's new series, Connecting Conversations. The series will bring together panels of experts to discuss energy’s most pressing questions twice monthly.