by Nicholas Rinaldi
April 06, 2020

On March 31, 2020, Wood Mackenzie hosted a webinar examining the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the energy sector, specifically what crashing LNG prices mean for solar, wind and energy storage markets around the world. The webinar includes a panel conversation followed by an in-depth Q&A. Watch below.

Key discussions include:

  • How long can low LNG/gas prices last?
  • What renewables segment is best position in the near-term?
  • China returning to ‘normal’
  • What does investment look like in the near future?


  • Matt DaPrato, Product Suite Director, Power & Renewables at Wood Mackenzie
  • Miaoru Huang, head of China Gas & LNG at Wood Mackenzie 
  • Dan Shreve, head of Global Wind Energy Research at Wood Mackenzie
  • Mark Hutchinson, head of APAC Power & Renewables Consulting at Wood Mackenzie

This webinar is from Wood Mackenzie's new series, Connecting Conversations. The series will bring together panels of experts to discuss energy’s most pressing questions twice monthly.