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The next generation of behind-the-meter analytics goes well beyond providing consumers with detailed data on their energy use. Utilities are now able to take advantage of customer segmentation and profiling information to increase the effectiveness of demand response and energy efficiency programs. By leveraging intelligent software, utilities also gain better visibility into their customers’ responses to price signals, leading to optimized rate structures.
The early energy management market was a battle of the best-in-class hardware (e.g., displays, sensors, and thermostats), placing a strong emphasis on smart meters as an enabling technology. More recently there has been an increase in strategic partnerships. Blue-chip companies from the automation, security, solar, and telecom industries have taken notice and begun to gain market share with new solutions. This panel will examine the changing data analytics landscape behind-the-meter and discuss how companies have shifted their focus toward energy management.


Omar Saadeh, Senior Analyst at GTM Research


Christopher Cavanagh, Principal Program Manager at National Grid
Nicholas Payton, Associate Director of Product Marketing and Strategy at Opower
Jun Shimada, Founder/CEO at ThinkEco