Solar is going mainstream, and energy storage is not far behind, thanks to changing regulatory environments and new use cases for solar + storage. Enphase is helping installers prepare for storage by offering them tools to educate their customers about how they consume energy, why storage may make sense as their local rates and regulations evolve, and what to do today to be ready for storage in the future. This will enable their customers to maximize the value of their PV in the future by adding storage when it makes sense to do so.

By installing the Enphase Envoy-S metered and consumption-monitoring CTs, consumers can get their PV ‘storage-ready’ and prepare for energy storage to help them take advantage of those new use cases, including load shifting, peak shaving, and zero-export. And adding Enphase AC Batteries at a later date is a simple task that gives customers the superior reliability of a fully integrated energy management system that will allow them to store, control and manage their energy better than competing storage offerings.

Watch this video to learn more about becoming ‘storage-ready’ and hear Enphase CEO Paul Nahi and others discuss why the Enphase Home Energy Solution will be unlike any other storage offering on the market and why installers should be excited about this “game changing” innovation.