Filmed live at Grid Edge Live, June 24th 2015.

How will the grid edge market evolve in the next five years? Where will we see the biggest change in distribution models and how will utilities, customers and distributed energy providers be compensated as the electric system continues to de-centralize? What remain the biggest obstacles to widespread policy change? These are some of the largest issues facing the growth of the grid edge market, and we will pose these questions to the audience and have our panel of experts respond in real time.

Moderator: Steve Propper, Director, Grid Edge, GTM Research Sponsored by:

Dr. Martha Symko-Davies, Director of Partnerships, Energy Systems Integration, NREL
Einat Dorobantu, Director of System Resiliency and Strategy, Eversource Energy
Kip Gering, Director of Product Management, Itron
Naimish Patel, CEO, Gridco Systems