Ascend Analytics Summit 2019

Boulder, CO

The Ascend Summit 'Strategies for New Power Market Dynamics' brings together leading energy experts to offer their insights into wholesale electricity markets, resource planning, energy storage and portfolio management in a rapidly changing energy landscape. Hear real-world case studies about transitioning to renewables-based power systems and learn best practices and strategies. This conference is geared towards professionals and support staff involved in utility and power planning & procurement, portfolio management and analysis functions.

ACORE’s 2019 Renewable Energy Grid Forum

San Francisco, CA

ACORE’s 2019 Renewable Energy Grid Forum will confront the business opportunities, policy and regulatory issues, and technology challenges associated with integrating high-penetration renewable electricity on the grid. Uniting dealmakers, policymakers, and systems experts, the forum will advance efforts for a modernized grid that values flexibility, reliability and resilience.

This one-day event will examine the roles of regulators, grid operators, electric service providers, corporate buyers and the renewables sector as we approach 100% clean energy goals, specifically:

  • RTO, ISO and big-load state strategies to design markets adaptive to renewables, storage, hybrid systems and distributed energy resources
  • Options to collaboratively confront grid reliability, resource adequacy and transmission buildout
  • Policies, regulatory models and contracting methods that can accelerate growth of technology solutions that enable renewable integration
  • Opportunities for C&I customers to optimize their demand for renewables to deeply decarbonize the grid
  • Prospects for renewables and storage to provide capacity services to meet peaking needs and offer non-wires alternatives for transmission and distribution upgrades


AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 Conference

Boston, MA

Offshore wind is still a young industry in the U.S., but that’s rapidly changing. The 30 MW Block Island Wind Farm, America’s first offshore wind farm, came online in 2016 and the second U.S. offshore project, a 12 MW Dominion Energy wind farm, recently began construction off the coast of Virginia. In total, there are currently more than 25,740 MW in various stages of development off the East Coast and in the Great Lakes, with additional potential off the West Coast. 

The momentum for offshore wind continues leading into AWEA’s Offshore WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition this fall. The event has cultivated a dedicated and thriving global community of top developers and experts, making it the largest and most successful gathering of offshore wind energy professionals in the United States. As more steel goes in the water, this event will only continue to grow in value and scope.

GTM Forum: Mexico Power & Renewables 2019

Austin, TX

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Understand the new risks and opportunities for renewables in the wake of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s triumph in Mexico’s 2018 General Elections, as we break down the implications of the new Administration's energy policy master lines on utility-scale solar and wind and distributed solar generation. This event will leverage our regional expertise in Mexico to ensure your company is uniquely positioned to capture specific opportunities while appropriately managing regulatory, political, and market risks.

Power & Renewables Summit 2019

Austin, TX

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We're gathering industry views on how renewable integration, decarbonization, sector electrification and the growing need for increased capacity and flexibility are impacting electricity systems. Join the conversation around financing strategies, business model shifts, demand and regulatory updates as leaders across the energy value chain decipher how these profound transformations will reshape power markets over the next 10-to-20 years.

LF Energy Global Summit 2019

Paris, France

LF Energy is hosting its first global summit, NOW TO NEXT - The Power of Together, along with RTE, France’s electricity transmission system operator and member of LF Energy in La Défense, Paris on Nov. 4-5, 2019.

NOW TO NEXT will feature contributions and keynote presentations from leaders in both the energy and adjacent industries who have already made open source and its support ecosystem critical to their strategic approach in the marketplace. They will share this path for getting from what we have NOW to achieving what’s NEXT.

40th PLMA Conference

St. Petersburg, Florida

Gain real-world insight from practitioners and energy utilities active in the demand response, load management, and distributed energy resources marketplace. Join over 250 load management professionals converging in St. Petersburg, FL to experience a content rich agenda coupled with peer-to-peer engagement.

PLMA is the Voice of Load Management Professionals
PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance) was founded in 1999 as a community of experts and practitioners dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing resources to promote inclusiveness in the design, delivery, technology, and management of solutions addressing energy and natural resource integration.  The non-profit association provides a forum for practitioners to share dynamic load management expertise, including demand response and distributed energy resources. PLMA members share knowledge to educate each other and explore innovative approaches to load management programs, price and rate response, regional regulatory issues, and technologies as the energy markets evolve. PLMA will continue to maintain a forum where practical experience, ideas, and knowledge are promoted to those seeking access to a vast network of industry professionals and practitioners. Members gather to keep abreast of the latest industry trends in load management while benefitting from timely subject matter and training opportunities to address key facets of our industry charge.

Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference

The theme of this year’s conference is “Scaling Up.” The need to mitigate climate change is more urgent than ever. BECC has been at the forefront of supporting behavioral research to address climate and energy issues for more than a decade. Now is the time to take these established principles and practices and scale them up.

Clean Peak Standard & Energy Storage Forum

Boston, MA

Join SEBANE for an afternoon discussion of regulatory opportunities and policy goals associated with the latest storage technologies, followed by real-world applications that monetize storage solutions and deliver on policy imperatives.

Energy Storage Summit 2019

Denver, CO

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Now in its fifth year, the Energy Storage Summit will bring together utilities, financiers, regulators, technology innovators, and storage practitioners for two full days of data-intensive presentations, analyst-led panel sessions with industry leaders, and extensive, high-level networking. We will kick-off the event with an overview of the current energy storage market on both sides of the meter, examining utility strategies, policies, and market designs. On Day 2, we’ll take a closer look at emerging technologies, business models and financing strategies.

Global Off-Grid Solar Forum & Expo

Nairobi, Kenya

The Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo is the premier meeting of the off-grid solar sector providing a unique platform for knowledge exchange, networking and showcasing off-grid solar products and services. The event aims to accelerate the development of the global off-grid solar market contributing to achieving universal energy access by 2030.

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