Continental Breakfast & Check-In
Welcome to the Grid Edge World Forum

Rick Thompson, President & Co-Founder, Greentech Media

Morning Theme: Realizing the Future Electricity System
GTM Research Keynote: Grid Edge Market Predictions

Steve Propper, Director, Consulting & Content Strategy, GTM Research

Opening Fireside Chat

We kick-off the discussion with one of the top global energy providers and their take on the changing dynamics in the electricity sector.

Michael Edmonds, Chief Commercial Officer, S&C Electric Company
Dave Herlong, Director Smart Grid & Innovation, Florida Power & Light

Moderator: Steve Propper, Director, Consulting & Content Strategy, GTM Research

Networking Break
Mega-Trends at the Grid Edge: Distributed Energy Resource Maturity, Market Animation & Customer Engagement

Four industry experts unpack the top trends affecting business model transformation at the grid edge.

Lee Mazzocchi, Senior Vice President of Grid Solutions, Duke Energy
Matthew Tisdale, Executive Director, More Than Smart
Russ Vanos, Vice President, Global Software, Services & Smart Cities, Itron

Moderator: Rick Thompson, President & Co-Founder, Greentech Media

Industry Visionary: Perspective on the Future Electricity System

In this one-on-one discussion, we hear from California Public Utilities Commissioner, Catherine J.K. Sandoval, on evolving views of managing the future electric system and the key grid edge issues facing the nation's largest state energy regulator.

Catherine J.K. Sandoval, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

Moderator: Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President, Research & Strategy, Energy Impact Partners


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Afternoon Theme: Technology Development at the Grid Edge
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Knowledge Track 1: Grid of the Future
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Knowledge Track 2: The New Energy Customer
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Regional Spotlight: Highlighting Local Market Developments

Join us for a series of short presentations from regional and local energy providers addressing key challenges at the grid edge.

Jeroen Scheer, Chief Technology Officer, Alliander

track 2
Regional Spotlight: Highlighting Local Market Developments

Join us for a series of short presentations from regional and local energy providers addressing key challenges at the grid edge.

Carlos Nouel, Director of Alliances & Vendor Strategy, National Grid

track 1
DER Coordination: Leveraging Software and Analytics to Real-Time Resource Plan

The convergence of integrated resource planning, distribution grid planning and DER integration have quickly changed the way utilities plan and acquire technology. Rising in importance are analytics solutions, particularly those that can provide intelligence on grid performance and enable utilities and energy providers to be more nimble. This panel will address these needs in more detail, and uncover new viewpoints on grid-scale planning in an age of distributed assets.

Sonja Glavaski, Program Director, ARPA-E
Amit Narayan, CEO, AutoGrid Systems
Kevin Kushman, COO, Integral Analytics

Moderator: Jeff St. John, Senior Editor, Greentech Media

Moderator: Jeff St. John, Senior Editor, Greentech Media

track 2
Creating an Energy Marketplace: Driving Demand for New Products and Services

The concept of a transactive energy market at the distribution level is no longer a novel concept. However, determining the rules of engagement, who manages the market, and how customers can interact and benefit still remains nebulous and undefined. This conversation will explore these factors in more detail, debate various approaches to compensating customers for market participation, and uncover the technology needed to make a distribution market a reality.

Amena Ali, Senior Vice President & General Manager, WeatherBug Home
Dolf Joekes, Senior Vice President Global Innovation & Cooperation, RWE New Ventures LLC
Michael Murray, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Strategist, Mission:data
Justin Segall, President & Founder, Simple Energy

Moderator: Katie Tweed, Senior Writer, Greentech Media

track 1
New Methods of Distribution Planning: How Flexible Load is Changing Utility Operating Models

Technology for distribution planning has advanced. Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS), Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS) and other intelligent solutions require a new level of technical integration to optimize value and accommodate rapid DER asset growth. This panel unpacks the latest approaches available and best practices that can be employed to dispatch flexible load efficiently and cost effectively.

Matt Golden, CEO, Open Energy Efficiency
Sachin Gupta, Senior Sales Lead, North America, OMNETRIC Group
Pete Maltbeck, Vice President, Business Development, Smarter Grid Solutions
Allan Schurr, President, Edison Energy

Moderator: Jeff St. John, Senior Editor, Greentech Media

track 2
Behavioral Targeting: Achieving True Customer Segmentation to Drive New Revenue Opportunities

The success of new energy solutions from smart thermostats to solar PV depends on providers' ability to cater to varying customer preferences and load profiles. Utilities are uniquely suited to provide energy-related products and services. At the same time, third-party providers have developed sophisticated marketing tools to reduce customer acquisition costs. Collaboration will be key to enabling the data sharing necessary for effectively segmenting customers and ensuring participation in new markets. This panel will analyze how providers are overcoming the challenges of engaging end users to develop new revenue streams.

Matthew Croucher, Director, Demand Side Analytics, CPS Energy
David Grant, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Tendril
Dr. Enes Hosgor, Founder & CEO, EEme

Moderator: Andrew Mulherkar, Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

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Networking Break
track 2
Networking Break
track 1
The Evolving Internet of Things: Unlocking the Value of IT/OT Convergence

Join us as we explore how the industry is approaching the "smart" interconnection of an increasing number of devices and nodes at the edge of the grid. This panel will discuss the transition of technology underlying machine-to-machine communication and debate the requirements of a network that can support the entire gamut of devices expected to come to market in the coming years.

Matthew Smith, Senior Director, Utility Solutions, Silver Springs Networks
Tom Wilson, Director, Technology Strategy, Honeywell Elster
Geoff Sharples, Director, IoT Strategy, Energy & Industrial, Intel

Moderator: Ben Kellison, Director, Grid Research, GTM Research

track 2
Innovation in Energy Management: A View from Customers on Creating New Grid Edge Demand Portfolios

Today’s commercial and industrial customers are exposed to an increasingly complex class of energy management opportunities aimed to enhance energy consumption and awareness, streamline day-to-day business processes, and drive operational efficiencies. Spurred by state mandated and corporate sustainability goals, facility managers are investing in a new breed of portfolio-wide enterprise software to help balance energy savings with maintaining tenant comfort. From intelligent energy management to demand response, this panel will discuss how C&I customers are implementing new strategies and what measures are most important to them.

Billy Grayson, Director of Corporate Sustainability, Liberty Property Trust
Fielder Hiss, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management, EnerNOC
Gary Levitan, Director of Energy & Facilities Purchasing, HBC Shared Services

Moderator: Drew Torbin, Founder & CEO, Black Bear Energy

Moderator: Drew Torbin, Founder & CEO, Black Bear Energy

track 1
The Device-Enabled Grid: Accommodating New Hardware at the Grid Edge

DERs continue to offer customers and aggregators more options to leverage existing behind the meter and wholesale value streams. One opportunity not fully exploited is connecting customer-owned or third-party low-voltage devices, which can help balance local distribution supply and demand needs while improving power quality without new infrastructure build. This panel will examine the emerging technologies and distribution management platforms that are being tested to optimize low-voltage grid architectures both in the control center and out in the field.

Peter Knazko, Segment Manager, Smart Grid & Metrology, Renesas Electronics
Andy Marshall, Senior Product Manager, Landis+Gyr Americas
Vince Martinelli, Vice President of Product Management, Gridco Systems

Moderator: Ben Kellison, Director, Grid Research, GTM Research

Moderator: Ben Kellison, Director, Grid Research, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

track 2
Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage: Data's Role in Optimizing Investments and Speeding Deployment

Behind-the-meter segments make up less than 15% of total storage deployments till date, but hold significant promise. Deployment costs have to come down to deliver on that promise, in particular, soft costs such as customer acquisition, installation, financing and interconnection costs. This panel will discuss the role of data and analytics in chipping away at these costs, and setting behind-the-meter storage growth on the fast track.

Larsh Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Stem
Josh Bode, Vice President, Strategy & Planning, Nexant, Inc.
Vikram Singh, Manager, Smart Grid Technologies, PowerStream, Inc.

Moderator: Ravi Manghani, Director, Energy Storage, GTM Research

Moderator: Ravi Manghani, Head of Solar, Wood Mackenzie

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