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The Energy Gang Live

We are bringing back another special live version of our popular podcast. Come join The Gang as they debate the latest utility business models emerging at the grid edge.

Katherine Hamilton, Partner & Co-Founder, 38 North Solutions
Jigar Shah, President & Co-Founder, Generate Capital
Eric Wesoff, Founder , Sage Marketing

Moderator: Stephen Lacey, Editor-in-Chief, Greentech Media

Case Studies from the Grid Edge: Part 1

Two companies will share some of their recent grid edge innovation and deployment case studies.

Case Study 1
Presented by: Arthur (Bud) Vos, President & CEO, Enbala Power Networks

Case Study 2
Presented by: Edwin Poot, Founder & CEO, Energyworx and
Dan Powers, Director of Business Development, Google Cloud Platform

Moderator: Steve Propper, Director, Consulting & Content Strategy, GTM Research

Networking Break
Case Studies from the Grid Edge: Part 2

Two companies will share some of their recent grid edge innovation and deployment case studies.

Case Study 1
Presented by: Robert Schwartz, Director, Renewable Project Development, NRG and
Scott Stephens, Director, Renewable Technology Development, NRG

Case Study 2: Transformational Sensing and Measurement Analytics for Grid Edge Control
Presented by: Emma Stewart, Research Scientist & Deputy Group Leader, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and
Ed Cortez, Principal Electrical Engineer, Riverside Public Utilities and
Ryan Sims, Engineer, Smarter Grid Solutions

Case Study 3: Public Private Partnerships: A Village of Minster Story
Presented by: David Chiesa, Senior Director of Global Business Development, S&C and Donald Harrod, The City of Minster, OH #showall

Moderator: Steve Propper, Director, Consulting & Content Strategy, GTM Research

Utility Roundtable: Grid Management Use Cases

Driven by regulatory objectives and technology advancement, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are more commonly being integrated into the Distribution Grid. To effectively enable and utilize these resources and maintain reliability, electric distribution system planning and operations must transform. The Grid Management Working Group brings together Grid Operations technology and business leaders from utilities across North America to discuss key operational concepts/capabilities and architecture principles relating to future Grid Control and Operational technologies, needed to manage a more complex grid due to the rapid rise of DERs. #showall

John Bubb, Principal Advisor, IT Architecture & System Design, Southern California Edison
Jason Handley, Director of Smart Grid Technology & Operations, Duke Energy

Moderator: Sharon Allan, Chief Innovation Officer, SEPA

EXPO & Lunch
Afternoon Theme: Business Model Innovation
track 1
Knowledge Track 1: Grid of the Future
track 2
Knowledge Track 2: The New Energy Customer
track 1
Blockchain and the Transactive Grid

Blockchain technology, which underpins BitCoin, has emerged as an exciting potential platform for a variety of applications in the decentralized electricity network of the future. This session will examine the state of blockchain technology maturity, the variety of proposed use cases for blockchain in electricity systems and give a glimpse into the vast potential for blockchain as the electricity system continues to evolve.

Dave Bartlett, Chief Technology Officer, Current by GE
Paul Brody, Americas Strategy Leader, Technology Sector, EY
Lawrence Orsini, Founder & Principal, LO3 Energy

Moderator: Scott Clavenna, CEO & Co-Founder, Greentech Media

Moderator: Scott Clavenna, Chairman, Greentech Media

track 2
The Empowered Consumer: A Discussion About Customer Interest in Emerging Grid Edge Capabilities

Six years post ARRA grant funding, what are the ways that consumers have become empowered and engaged around smart grid technologies and programs? SGCC has examined consumer awareness and interest in smart grid enabled technologies and will share new findings from their recently published research, The Empowered Consumer. This session will examine whether consumers are better informed about new technologies, what interests and awareness levels they have from both currently available and emerging technologies, and what concerns they have with those technologies. SGCC’s segmentation framework serves as a backbone for this research and will reveal whether consumers in more advanced, post-AMI states are more aware and interested in energy technologies than consumers in non-AMI states.

Patty Durand, Executive Director, Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC)

Moderator: Steve Propper, Director, Grid Edge, GTM Research

track 1
Resiliency at the Grid Edge: New Perspectives on Reliability Needs in the Age of Distributed Generation

Severe weather events have drawn attention to physical weaknesses in the distribution grid. DER penetration is beginning to offer improved resiliency, while creating local power quality issues. Utilities, regulators and legislatures are responding by working to incorporate renewables into resiliency plans, testing and deploying additional grid controls and integrating data from an increasingly large number of sources. This panel will dive into the latest opportunities, policies and deployment models for reliability solutions at the grid edge.

Josh Prueher, Founder & CEO, FlexGen
Brad Williams, Vice President, Industry Strategy, Oracle Utilities
Gregg Edeson, Member of PA's Management Group, PA Consulting Group
Russell Ragsdale, Principal Manager - Grid Modernization, Southern California Edison

Moderator: Ben Kellison, Director, Grid Research, GTM Research

track 2
Large Electricity Customers: Pivoting from Efficiency and Self-Generation to Engaged Grid Participant

Going beyond proven efficiency retrofits and onsite generation applications, large customers are also actively participating in established utility and wholesale demand response programs. Recent ISO-level regulatory changes are gradually opening new wholesale DER aggregation opportunities to progressive consumers, however concern around adequate resource compensation and the excessive costs associated with meeting telemetry requirements have so far hindered adoption. This panel explores the emerging opportunities and challenges of a beyond-the-meter consumer energy strategy.

Jonathan Blansfield, Manager of Strategic Alliances, Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI)
Doug McMahon, Vice President of Strategy, New York Power Authority
Allan Schurr, President, Edison Energy
Tom Willie, CEO, Blue Pillar
Jenna Goodward, Energy Technology Program Manager, Microsoft

Moderator: Omar Saadeh, Senior Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

Moderator: Omar Saadeh, Senior Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

track 1
Networking Break
track 2
Networking Break
track 1
Predictive Analytics: Leveraging Methods from other Industries for New Data and Network Management

As "big data" becomes more commonplace than buzzword, the energy industry looks to keep up with the rampant advancement in the field of data science to inform operations and strategy in every grid edge market. Join us in a panel that delves into the application of best practices, technologies and algorithms adopted by other industries that can be applied to furthering innovation within the electric power industry.

Rick Kubin, Principle Technology Architect for Data Management & Analytics, PG&E
Siddhartha Sachdeva, Founder & CEO, Innowatts
Adam Stotz, Chief Technology Officer, TROVE Predictive Data Science

Moderator: Rick Thompson, President & Co-Founder, Greentech Media

track 2
Customer-Driven Rate Structures: A Detailed Discussion on Pricing in the Future Electricity System

Rapid technological advancements and end-user adoption of solutions to manage electricity costs have led to rate reform developments across the country. Modifications to demand charges, net metering, and time of use pricing can either accelerate or hinder the growth of emerging markets such as energy storage, solar PV, and building energy management technologies. This panel will debate the rate structures best suited to incentivize market development while meeting the needs of customers and utilities alike.

Vikram Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, EnergySage
Ahmad Faruqui, Principal, The Brattle Group
Alice Jackson, Regional Vice President, Rates & Regulatory Affairs, Xcel Energy

Moderator: Andrew Mulherkar, Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

track 1
Operationalizing Microgrids: Evaluating Decentralized Grid Infrastructure

Despite still being considered a niche application, ongoing wholesale regulatory efforts, newly proposed tariff structures for single and multi-resource applications, and key legislation supporting market expansion are all giving rise to larger microgrid opportunities. Though considerable financing and regulatory challenges continue to exist, the wider range of available use cases and technologies have spurred new interest from behind-the-meter consumers, municipals and utilities. This panel discusses the different stakeholder interests in de-centralized infrastructure, highlighting key microgrid opportunities, benefits and challenges.

Nathan Adams, General Manager, North American Microgrids, ABB
Shay Bahramirad, Ph.D, Director, Smart Grid & Technology, ComEd
David Hague, Senior Director, M+W Group
Mark Martyak, PE Chief Sales Officer, PowerSecure

Moderator: Omar Saadeh, Senior Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

Moderator: Omar Saadeh, Senior Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

EXPO & Networking Reception with the 2016 Grid Edge Awards

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