As we close out 2020, we are diving into the top stories that defined this frenzied and heavy year. 

We’ll start the show with a look back at how COVID-19 reshaped the energy transition. We’re going to revisit some predictions that did (and didn’t) come true. In the next episode, we’ll look at a wider range of (non-pandemic) 2020 stories.

Then later in the podcast, we'll talk about how advertising and PR professionals are suddenly being pressured to reveal how much of their income is from fossil fuel clients. Are firms in this industry the next to lose their social license?

Finally, what could a Youth Climate Corps accomplish? And how should it be set up? We look to a Depression-era program to rally the passions of America’s climate generation. 


  • New Yorker: When “Creatives” Turn Destructive: Image-Makers and the Climate Crisis
  • Yale 360: How a Climate Corps Could Put Youth to Work in Greening America
  • Where the Internet Lives” podcast from Google

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