Now that Tesla has unveiled pricing details for its solar roof, everyone is trying to figure out if it's a good deal.

Depending on what your assumptions are -- what kind of roof you're replacing, what kind of market you live in, how much in subsidies you're earning, and what kind of solar system you're competing with -- the value can vary wildly. Some say it's a surprisingly good deal. Others say it's far more expensive than Tesla claims.

In this week's podcast, we'll discuss the economic viability of the Tesla solar roof. We'll also look at growth prospects, potential barriers to adoption, and where the product might fit in with Tesla's long-term solar strategy.

In the second half of the show, Wal-Mart’s Project Gigaton: A look at the mega-retailer’s new plan to slash emissions deep in its supply chain.

Finally, FERC nominees: After four months, we have some candidates for America’s top energy regulatory body. We’ll talk about how they could shape the country’s energy landscape over the next few years.

This podcast is sponsored by KACO New Energy, a leading solar inverter company with superior engineering and unmatched customer service.

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