REC Solar specializes in grid-tied solar electric design, installation, and financing for commercial and residential customers. The 600-employee firm installed more than 17 megawatts of residential solar in California in 2010 -- enough to rank it as one of California's leading residential solar installers.

The firm's Director of Business Development, Ryan Park, joined REC Solar as the fourth employee.

More important than all of this, however, is that the 31-year-old Mr. Park got the "First Impression Rose" on The Bachelorette last week. I am informed by my co-author that that's really good -- it means the bachelorette liked him more than the others. (The other solar installers?) Park has no tattoos, according to his bio on the Bachelorette website.

Shares of solar module manufacturers were up zero percent on the news. Rose and chocolate futures as well as pre-nuptial legal fees were up on the report.

Park is still in the running to win the love of a Ms. Ashley Hebert.

Love can overcome all challenges.

Hopefully that includes policy issues, extending the 1603 tax grant program, inflated inventories, and collapsing margins in the solar industry.

Note: this REC Solar is not the same as REC, the large, vertically integrated solar firm headquartered in Norway. Although REC Group does have a stake in REC Solar. That firm is going through its own struggles at the moment -- laying off hundreds of employees and suspending operations in one of its plants. They could use some love as well.