A few weeks ago, Better Place founder Shai Agassi stepped down as CEO of the electric vehicle battery swapping firm Better Place. He remained on the board. Now, according to reports from the Associated Press, Agassi has left the board of directors. AP quoted a spokesperson saying the firm is now seeking additional financing, but could not confirm reports of layoffs.


Suntech's recently installed interim CFO, Anlin Ting-Mason, stepped down due to personal reasons, according to an SEC document. David King, the current CEO, will temporarily assume the position of CFO. King had been CFO of Suntech prior to founder Dr. Shi's departure from that position. Suntech also named E.L. “Mick” McDaniel as Managing Director for Suntech America. McDaniel was formerly Director of Performance Services for First Solar’s EPC division.


PV equipment supplier centrotherm photovoltaics continues to make wholesale changes in its management. CTO Peter Fath is leaving his role, as is CEO Robert Hartung. Jan von Schuckmann, previously chief restructuring officer, has been appointed CEO.

On-Ramp Wireless added Scott Foster VP of Smart Grid Sales. Foster was previously with Sensus USA Inc., Cooper Power Systems, and Southern California Edison.

Boston-Power, a lithium-ion battery manufacturer based in China, announced that Founder Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud has resigned from the Board of Directors. Tony Shen is now Boston-Power's CFO, and Dr. Rick Chamberlain has now emerged as Boston-Power’s CTO. 

Voltaix, a provider of semiconductor and solar materials such as Germane, named Matthew D. Stephens to the post of Executive VP, Sales & Marketing. Stephens remains as CTO, as well.