Martin Roscheisen, the former CEO of now-struggling CIGS pioneer Nanosolar, sent me a link to his blog, which gives an insightful, if appropriately biased, take on the solar firm, as well as his more recent adventures with China greentech and grid-scale energy storage in China. Roscheisen is listed on LinkedIn as co-founder of 25c, a social micro-donation firm, and of YottaQ Shanghai, a China-based manufacturer of batteries for wind farms.


In a bit of a shocker, just prior to its earnings call, Enphase announced the departure of CFO Sanjeev Kumar. Like all abruptly departing CFOs, Kumar will be devoting more time to his family. Enphase announced that it beat its guidance with a $55.7 million second quarter and a 24.4 percent gross margin. The firm shipped 403,000 units this quarter, compared to 204,000 units in the second quarter of 2011. But its second-quarter net loss widened to $11.4 million -- and the markets punished Enphase for that widening loss. Enphase stock price dropped 24 percent on Wednesday of last week, hitting $5.07, close to its historical low.


Dan Squiller, long-time CEO at PowerGenix, a rechargeable nickel-zinc battery startup out of San Diego, has joined GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT) as President of PV and Worldwide Operations based out of Hong Kong, according to a release from GT. GT Advanced Technologies provides polysilicon production, as well as sapphire and silicon crystalline growth systems for the solar and LED industries. 

Lithium-ion battery firm Boston-Power's founder and former CEO Dr. Christina Lampe-Önnerud will soon step down from her leadership role in the company.

Ullas Naik, a cleantech investor at venture capital firm Globespan Capital Partners, left the VC outfit earlier this year. When I last spoke with Naik, he was attempting to distance himself from the word "cleantech" as fast as possible. His investments at Globespan included Coskata and ZeaChem.

Steve Paolini, a veteran LED technologist, moved from the CTO role at Lunera Lighting (which just received more VC funding) to CTO at NEXT Lighting.