by Emma Foehringer Merchant
October 22, 2019

In the early days of the U.S. solar market, development was largely focused on the coasts, clustering in sunny climes or in states like California that had incentives to sweeten the deal for developers and utilities.

As the industry matures, though, installations are cropping up on new turf. Texas has seen a bona fide boom, and the Midwest is also experiencing an uptick in the number of utilities acquiring solar and pledging carbon reductions.

That latter trend was further cemented this month, when the Northern Indiana Public Service Company published several requests for proposals seeking 2.3 gigawatts of solar or solar-plus-storage, plus 300 megawatts of wind.

Nipsco, which serves nearly half a million customers in the “Crossroads of America” state, notes that it’s now at “the crossroads of the future” with respect to its energy choices.